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Improve Your Current Patient's Quality of Life

ARPwave Makes A Difference

Let’s admit it. Despite our best efforts, we all have patients who don’t achieve 100% results. Some of them continue to get treatment in our office to maintain the progress they have made. You end up referring some of them to other holistic or pain management services and a few might even get frustrated and never return to your practice.

What if you could offer another service to increase function and decrease pain to even the toughest cases? ARPwave can make a difference, without losing your patients to another office or – even worse – your patients losing hope that they’ll ever get back their FULL quality of life.

Boost Your Clinic's Revenue

ARPwave Success Systems offers more financial stability

All Cash Model

where patients pay upfront

Low Overhead

versus profit generated

Space Efficient

one-room treatment will not limit your other services

Set Yourself Free From The Insurance Game

  • Turnkey Success System
  • Staff Training
  • Appointment Scheduling Platform
  • Marketing Support
  • Weekly Consulting Calls
  • Proven Patented Treatment Technology
  • Space Efficient Office Integration
  • All Cash Model
  • Low Overhead
  • Greater Financial Stability
  • Headache Free

Treat New Patients Who Would Not Normally Come In Your Office

ARPwave treatment is a solution for the patient who has “tried everything” – most likely including the current services  you are offering.

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Gain an exclusive marketing edge in your area. The ARPwave treatment protocol is an FDA-approved, patented, proprietary system.

Become a Part of the Opioid Crisis Solution

130 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses.1 ARPwave uses drug-free nerve stimulation to improve quality of life.

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