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See What ARPwave Patients Are Saying

“I was completely debilitated with 4 herniated discs. Crawled to neuro sports where they did a very light treatment on me and the next morning could actually sit up and walk almost upright. After couple dozen treatments I am back to normal. Saviors!”

Karen Collier
Rating: 5

“I was a little skeptical at first but after going to my initial consultation, I was sold. I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember and in that time I have done all sorts of forms of PT but nothing comes close to this one. Not only has my recovery time increased, but I also found I came out miles stronger than I was before I came in.┬áIf you’re on the fence about this, I highly recommend leaping.”

Brendan Bennett
Rating: 5

“I tore my patellar tendon in both knees as a College Basketball athlete. As a last resort I was referred by my surgeon to give this therapy a try. I did 20 sessions and five extra and it really blew my mind of how fast it work. To be 100% honest this therapy is really intense and takes mental toughness but its really worth it. With this therapy I was able to get my life back. The therapy will have you really sore so its a must that you keep up with the diet plan that they give you.”

Mark Phillips
Rating: 5
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