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Accelerate Recovery Times Without Drugs

The ARPwave System is a combination of either the ARPwave RxBlack or the ARPwave FlexDoctor, along with the ARPwave proprietary active Range Of Motion protocols. Learn more below.

The ARPwave RxBlack

The ARPwave RxBlack is a class II medical device approved by the FDA. This patented and proprietary technology uses a D/C bio-current that works to communicate like the nervous system to:

  • re-educates muscles by breaking compensation patterns
  • promote increased blood circulation into specific soft tissues
  • enhanced reduction of scar tissue in the injured muscles
  • re-engages atrophied muscles
  • immediately decreases pain
  • immediately increases mobility and range of motion

The ARPwave FlexDoctor

The ARPwave FlexDoctor provides a portable way to get the same benefits for workout and injury recovery that top professional athletes have used for years.

The FlexDoctor can be used for:

  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Weight Management

The ARPwave Proprietary Protocols

The ARPwave Proprietary Protocols are a series of injury or sport specific uses of the ARPwave devices which:

  • use exact activities which rehabilitate and train the body at high velocity
  • dramatically reduces recovery time
  • increases performance

With over 10 years of experience and thousands of treatments under our belt, we not only have mastered the original protocols, but enhanced them for better outcomes.

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